Success Stories

Two upset women

"My world was falling down around me, but my bills didn't care..."  
Rose's abusive boyfriend had taken off with her kids, and she couldn't keep up with bills while also working with the police. In addition to rent and utility assistance, CVCAA built a care team for her with other community partners. Using the Unite Us Referral platform, CVCAA staff was able to connect Rosa to LegalAid, Head Start of Ozona, and Workforce Solutions.

Elderly Veteran saluting

"I served our country for a decade, and I really struggled after getting out..."
Without his DD-214, John was unable to get his deserved VA benefits and healthcare. CVCAA worked with a community partner to get him his monthly checks and medical attention. Through our Veteran Services Program, we were able to help John with Rental and Utility Assistance.

Male student walking

"I wasn't able to work while I went to school. I almost dropped out..."
Corbin wanted a career in nursing, but long student rotations didn’t allow him to work enough to cover his bills. Corbin qualified for CVCAA’s Transition Out of Poverty Case Management Program. CVCAA Staff met with Corbin monthly to help eliminate some of the burdens and help him set goals. He has since graduated and landed his dream job!

Insulation in a wall

"Just one illness hit me hard and knocked my whole life out of line...”
Chad was falling behind after being out of work for so long and the new medical debt. CVCAA was able to help with utilities and weatherize his home. Since making his home more energy-efficient, Chad saves about $283 a year.

Woman cooking on stove

"After discovering a gas leak, I was not able to afford to fix both the pipes and stove…”

Single mom Monica was using a propane tank and propane burner in her kitchen when our weatherization team came to do the inspection. With donation funds, we were able to get Monica a safe, working stove.